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Bariatric Surgery is a life-changing procedure that enables patients to change the direction of their health.

At some point, everyone on the Weight Loss Surgery journey realizes that food was not the only contributing factor that led to their obesity. Modification of Habits, Behaviors, and Mindset is every bit as important as the food we use to fuel our bodies. Bariatric Surgery by itself is not a permanent solution, but if used correctly it is a very effective tool in your weight loss journey. Nutrition Coaching with BariActive Nutrition will give you the knowledge & tools to build Sustainable Habits that produce long-term results.

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Shifting away from the Obesity mindset is critical to shaping new behaviors


Establishing consistent & healthy behaviors around food is essential to maintaining weightloss


Focusing on activity, biometric, and caloric data identifies measurable trends in the WLS journey

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Nutrition Accountability

 Cronometer Nutrition App

BariActive Nutrition uses Cronometer Nutrition App to monitor & evaluate the data from food logs to assist our clients in focusing on nutrient density

 Macros Matter

 MacroNutrient goals are key in ensuring you are getting the most nutrients out of the food you eat on a daily basis. Many Bariatric patients are limited on food volume for many years Post Op

 Certified Nutrition Coaches

Certified Nutrition Coaches monitor & guide your progress in your WLS journey. Communicate with your Nutrition Coach right in the Cronometer App, if  Macro adjustments are needed they can be made  remotely by your coach.


BioMetic & Fitness Data

 Activity Trackers

Activity after Bariatric Surgery is important to your success. At Bariactive Nutrition our coaches monitor and use the data from from biometrics and wearable devices and to make informed decisions about your nutrition needs.

 Basal Metabolic Rate & TDEE

After Bariatric Surgery and weight loss , your Metabolic Rate, BMR, and TDEE have all changed and must be evaluated for weight loss maintenance or loss of regain

 Metabolic Adaptaion

Metabolic adaptation affects nearly every Bariatric Surgery patient. Rebuilding muscle and body recomposition is critically important on your WLS journey.

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