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My WLS Surgery Journey        

In Sept 2017 I made the decision to move forward with Gastric Sleeve Weight Loss Surgery and started my journey to change the direction of my health. I had tried several times in the previous 10 years to lose weight by different methods and had limited success, but the results were not sustainable. Early on after my procedure I discovered that It was easier for me to to eat a higher volume of food than my Gastric Sleeve peers. I knew then I was going to tighten up my nutrition if I was going to have long term success. I started my education into Nutrition online by reading and watching hours of nutrition content on YouTube and other social media. As I learned and absorbed all the information about Nutrition from various sources, I noticed there was a ton of conflicting information on the web. I tried several methods & eating protocols & noticed my body reacted well to nutrient dense whole food. As I  sorted out my own nutrition protocol in my journey, I absorbed all the nutrition information available & nutrition quickly became my passion. During my quest for knowledge I have connected with several Bariatric Dieticians & Nutritionists.  I started helping other Bariatric Patients I connected with online through Facebook and Instagram. In 2021, I  took the next step and became certified as a Nutrition Coach with NASM ( National Academy of Sports Medicine).  My core focus is coaching  Bariatric Patients, but I also have Coached Bariatric Pre Op and Non Bariatric Clients as well. the Weight Loss journey  is not an easy path and many individuals need extra support to achieve their weightloss & fitness goals.


As a Nutrition Coach, I work with you to identify your goals, develop a sustainable plan, provide support, and most importantly accountability to enable you to achieve your Health & Fitness goals. Nutrition is a complex issue and there is not one plan or method that is effective for everyone. As your coach, I help you navigate through all the noise & work with you to develop a sustainable plan that will produce long term results for your specific circumstances & lifestyle.

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