Bariatric Success

Bariatric Success is not easy......

If you embarked on a WLS journey thinking your surgery was going to force you to lose weight despite what you choose to eat.....then you were mislead. WLS surgery makes losing weight in the first 18 months post op much easier by a combination of caloric restriction, reduced hunger and hormonal changes. During this time your body uses whatever resources it deems necessary to keep you alive & functioning. This includes breaking down muscle for energy, especially if you are following a low carb/ keto plan. During this time rapid weight loss is common and it affords you the opportunity to change the direction of your health by making better choices in your life as it relates to food. With blunted hunger cues & cravings it makes it easier to make better food choices in your daily meal plan. At a certain time after surgery, which is different for everyone, your body is going to adjust & reach homeostasis. When this happens the WLS Magic is over, but that doesn't mean you are done it just means you need to move on to the next phase of the journey.

As you lose weight (Fat & Muscle) your metabolism is constantly fact it is steadily decreasing, not only because you are losing muscle & fat, but because you are eating less, and your overall body weight is decreasing. If you are lucky throughout the process, you won't have any complications, but if you do you will have to learn how to work around them.

Generally, if you are not losing weight or are experiencing are not in a Caloric Deficit. When you have been in a Caloric Deficit for too long your body fights to keep you alive by conserving energy (lowering your metabolism- reducing Caloric Expenditure) kicking you out of a Caloric Deficit, even if your intake is below 1200 calories. The solution to this many times is refeed meals at Maintenance Calories for a couple days/ weeks. Tracking your Calories or Macros and measuring your portions so you can understand your caloric intake and make adjustments. These are great tools if you are not getting the desired results- Remember your Metabolism is a moving target during the first 18 months Post Op. BMR Calculators can help you figure out Deficit/Maintenance Calories. If you can't control your emotional eating (surgery doesn't fix this) then it may be time to get some help from a qualified Therapist, Registered Dietitian, or a Nutrition Coach. Do your best to separate your emotions from your food choices. The purpose of food is to fuel your body's basic needs & daily activity....not to make you feel better. Establishing a meal preparation routine will be much better than winging it.

Pouch Resets DON'T WORK LONG TERM....they actually do more damage metabolically speaking. If you are off track due to poor food choices .....then make better choices

Exercise & Strength Training combined with adequate protein intake daily will help you retain muscle & boost metabolism. Exercise is not necessary to lose weight if you can maintain a caloric deficit, but not committing to an exercise routine will potentially limit your long-term success.

All Macronutrients have value to your body. Unless you have a specific medical condition that dictates that you keep carbohydrates low....don't be afraid of Carbs. Weight loss is based on Calories in / Calories Out ......not Carbohydrate intake. Fruits & Vegetables are your friend. They provide a multitude of Micronutrients & Fiber. Always follow the dietary plan set by your Nutritionist/Surgeon for at least 12 months post op. If you think changes are necessary, discuss with your Dietician /Nutrition Coach. Supplements can help but if your Nutrition is not on point you are just wasting money.

Everyone's WLS Journey is individual & different....but there are some foundational concepts that apply to everyone. Commit to and embrace the process . Put in the work & build Sustainable Habits & you will get the results you are after in this WLS Journey

If all this is a bit overwhelming, I understand it's a lot of information to absorb. As a Certified Nutrition Coach with BariActive Nutrition and a Gastric Sleeve (VSG) patient myself, I can help you navigate through this sometimes complex Weight Loss Journey. There is so much I am going share that will help you be successful in your WLS Journey so check back often .

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