Weight Loss - Navigating through the Noise

Most everyone would like to lose a few pounds, some want to lose a large amount of weight to look better, feel better, be more active, and overall live a better life. Its pretty safe to say weight loss is not easy. Myself, I tried multiple diets and tried many different exercise modalities to accomplish my weight loss goals. In the end I never was able to achieve my health & fitness goals until I had Bariatric Surgery. I had reached the point in my life my health was steadily declining and I was running out of options and time. The unfortunate truth is that over 90% of diets fail. The problem isn't that the diets themselves don't work, because they do .....its the simple fact that people generally have a tough time sticking to the diet. Can it really be that simple, we cant lose weight because we are not consistent?

First, I think we need to understand that Obesity is a complex chronic disease. There are several factors that are within our control such as our food choices, activity level, and general lifestyle. Factors such as genetics, hormones, and biology simply are not addressed by dieting and exercising. While we can say everyone will see health benefits from making better food choices and exercising, its important to understand why we are making changes to our overall lifestyle.

There is no shortage of supplement companies trying to sell you a weight loss solution in a bottle or a New & Revolutionary diet plan All you have to do is do a few simple Google searches on the internet and you will be bombarded by options. When you are navigating cyberspace here are a few things to consider:

- Be Curious -Always be open to learning new things

- Be skeptical – Does it sound too good to be true?

- Consider the source of the information –

  • Who is Distributing the information?

  • What are their qualifications?

  • Are they trying to sell you something?

  • How are they supporting their claims?

Todays world is all about rapid consumption of micro information, think Instagram, TikTok, Facebook. Years of nutrition research are often reduced down to a flashy social media post. These posts sometimes get shared without an evaluation of their content. Dig deeper into the source and the information and see if it makes sense. The health and fitness industry is full of noise and sometimes it becomes really difficult to filter out the good information. At Bariactive Nutrition we have Certified Nutrition Coaches that can help you determine what may be the best direction for you to take to achieve your Health & Nutrition goals. If you remember I mentioned I had Bariatric Surgery. Many people think this is the ultimate solution and once I have had surgery all my weight loss problems disappear, unfortunately that is not the case. Bariatric Surgery is simply a tool to help you achieve your health & fitness goals , it is not the solution long term.

I will let you in on a few secrets…………….

- Whole foods matter

- Net carbs really don’t matter (Caloric perspective)

- Consistent behaviors drive results

- Supplements are 5% of your results MAX

- You cannot outwork a consistent caloric surplus in the gym

So how do we live a healthier life?

First what we must remember is we should try our very best to limit ultra processed foods and eat more Lean Protein, Vegetables and Fruit. Next we need to understand that Carbohydrates are not the enemy, but all carbohydrates are not created equal. Focus on whole food complex carbohydrates instead of the processed simple carbohydrates. Whole food carbohydrates are going to fuel your body for daily activity as well as supply necessary nutrients & fiber. Make food choices you enjoy, its important for you to enjoy your food in order to make good nutrition a life long habit.

Being active is a one the most important things you can do for your health. You don’t need to join a Crossfit Box , join a Gym , or run a marathon to realize the benefits of exercise. Simple activities such as walking or some yoga will benefit your health. As you become more active and mobile, step up your intensity as you are able. Find things you like doing to be physically active, just like nutrition it is important to enjoy your daily activity to keep it going long term.

It can be really easy to get caught up fad diets & exercise equipment you see floating around the internet & on social media. There is not one nutrition & exercise program that will work for everyone as we all live different lives and require different solutions. If you think Bariatric Surgery could be a part of your overall health & fitness plan then reach out to us at BariActive Nutrition & we can help you decide if it may be right for you. All BariActive Nutrition Coaches are Certified and are Bariatric Patients themselves, so you will get honest answers about the process. If you have already had WLS and are struggling with your journey we can help there as well. Nutrition Coaching Services at BariActive Nutrition are a combination of accountability , evidence based nutrition education , and weight loss processes & strategies that are tailored to the individual that produce results for our clients

Author: Jim Laur

Jim is a successful gastric sleeve patient (09-19-17) as well as a NASM Certified Nutrition Coach and Founder of Bariactive Nutrition .

Certified Nutrition Coaches are not medical professionals e.g. Registered Dietician or Physician therefore BariActive Nutrition Coaching Services are not regarded as medical advice. Coaching Services at BariActive Nutrition are a combination of accountability , evidence based nutrition education , and weight loss processes & strategies that are tailored to the individual that produce results for our clients. Please consult with your Doctor before making any changes to your Meal Plan including but not limited to : Caloric Intake, Macros, Food Volume, Vitamins & Supplements.

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